Advertising Photographer

What`s the main purpose of advertising photography? Most people would say it promotes certain products or brands and is aimed at a special type of market. Hopefully, the people who are looking at the photography will be stirred into action and they`ll want to buy the items that are being promoted. Supermarkets use advertising photography to full effect when they produce their monthly in-house magazines. Inside the pages of these publications are countless images that have been taken by an advertising photographer and the customer feels compelled to buy these products when they next visit the store. An experienced advertising photographer will be able to capture the product that is being promoted in a highly appealing manner. Where food products are being advertised they will look absolutely mouth-watering; if clothing is being promoted it will look utterly irresistible. The life of an advertising photographer can be varied as they`ll work with countless clients during the course of the year. Using their exceptional skills they can capture a series of stunning pictures that can be put to good use inside a host of premium publications. Used effectively advertising photography can be a powerful tool that can certainly be used to influence the mind.

Architectural Photographer

Most people can appreciate the architectural beauty of a building but if they were asked to capture it on film, they`d lack the skills to be able to do the building a justice. It`s all very well appreciating the amazing features of a structure but it takes a special talent to be able to preserve it on film for all posterity. I`ve been to London and taken pictures of St Paul`s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and when I have returned home the shots looked ok. However, if these images were captured by an architectural photographer they would look completely different as they would stimulate the senses and motivate the mind by their sheer beauty. A professional architectural photographer has the ability to captivate the imagination as they use their creativity to full affect. People who look at pictures in magazines and books that have been taken by an expert in architectural photographs will be able to fully appreciate the splendor of each structure that has been captured on film. Night time, first light time, it always seems to be the right time for the architectural photographer to go to work. Most people can appreciate the architectural beauty of a building, especially when it has been taken by an experienced photographer who specialises in this field.

Commercial Photographer

Can you imagine what life must be like for a commercial photographer who uses their skill and expertise to capture a range of riveting images on a day-to-day basis? One day they might be taking pictures of high performance cars for a motor sport magazine, whereas the next they might be taking pictures of aid victims for a charity. The vast contrast in shooting schedules must make this job extremely exciting but it must be pretty hectic at times too. Outstanding results can be achieved by a professional commercial photographer and their creative talents are put to the test on a regular basis. They say a camera never lies and the results of the day`s shoot are laid bare for all to see. Therefore, the photographer has to be on top of their game at all times to ensure of the best results. If they can stop you in your tracks by taking a series of amazing images then surely their work is a total triumph. Most people will have leafed through the pages of a magazine and been transfixed by certain images that are on display. That is just how the commercial photographer wants you to be: firmly welded to the spot by the photographs that are on display. If you have to pause to take in the beauty or the sincerity of a certain image; the photographer has been hugely successful.